giovedì, maggio 31, 2012

Earthquakes, Fate, old, new low-cost feature

This is the map of earthquakes on the official US Gov

Recent quakes in Italy, several victims, also a productive area stopped, we do not know for how long.

What strikes me is the number on the left side: 6.752 earthquakes in the world in 30 days. 

Basically is like living on a tapis routant , not only when we go to work but also when we rest  home.
In this part of Italy last earthquakes before this month were recorded in  XVI century, so it really came as a surprise.  At the moment, I live nearby (about 40km) , I felt at least five shakes, 
the last big one, it did wake me up, of course I was not conscious, but the flat was moving around and it was like being on a  boat.
Last night on the TV news they have shown some recent warehouse buildings, one floor , destroyed, others,build in the sixties,  few yards beside, looking still and without any damage. Why ? They asked to engineers.
Fate ? Old nice constructions ?
Why do I have this sensation that at that time, people were more rich ?
The terms "low-cost", "fast-assembly-building" did not exist.
Of course every consumer appreciate the advantage of "low cost" for example in flights, shopping in the market.
May be also the life is a low-cost feature , if an industrial building made in concrete folded in itself because only some screw fasten the slabs from screwing up themselves.

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