lunedì, luglio 09, 2012

Twitter help, some against twitter

I collected several apps, webpages, that can help the experience of twitter; they do really change the perception although the message or the twitt remain the same. It took me a lot of time, because of a slow netbook,search and testing. 
This week in Italy one of the most trendy tag was "QuerelaConPaola" , Paola Ferrari a journalist (it's the title of her job) who wanted to summon to court Twitter Inc because of many twitter insulting her, at the time of Euro 2012 football/ soccer cup. 
There were also other TV personalities arguing with social network and invoking censorship, a good article (in Italian but automatic translation exist) here:
I wonder why these "famous", TV presenters or journalist, try to attack, criticize other kind of media, while the TV is going to irreversible decline ?
 They should be more sensitive to media and popularity... Of course Twitter cannot control or manage billions of twitters, It' s like to sue the telephone company because someone receive phonecalls from maniac. 
Although the TV is declining, the most followed users are from show biz or they are known from TV; obviously is because all these socials are new (4-6 years old) and TV or Radio are well-established.
In twitter's directory you can find the most popular people, as proof of this. Imagine what would be if network TV were open to the public and anyone could go and broadcast a message, ...what it would be like ? I guess the correct name would be You-Tube, so called "TV-internet-on demand", that is part of social networks. 
In any case the social gives voice to people who would never be able to appear on TV. So it should not really come as a surprise if some criticism appear against people who were always under the spotlight without any conflict or cross-questions. Popularity on TV is protected by a screen, a thick deep glass, while there is no screen in the social.

P.S. A good link to find practical example of use of twitter for emergency, medical purpose    twitter-a-lifesaver

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