venerdì, luglio 06, 2012

Do you remember that brand ?

After years and years buying Nokia (after Ericsoon, then one Motorola second hand)
yesterday I was at one mobile carrier shop giving advice to one my friend, willing to buy a new mobile phone.
It never occured to us to talk about certain brands: Nokia and Motorola, once thought to be the top of the market. Both Nokia and Motorola still exist, but in the mind of normal customer like us, they were out of our  vision, why ? 
Because of less advertisement or for other reasons ?

The criteria in buying technology, usually  is not for fashion but  what services provides, the  features included and other consideration such as price etc.
So I wonder about Nokia, here a sales chart;

And a very interesting article about a story that could have changed the trend of sales, the article is in Italian, but one thing is clear: sole proprietary system (such as Symbian created/adopted by Nokia) seems to have short life...
The story of Nokia is still under speculations of financial analysts,but the market share is evident. 

Also very interesting it's the story of Motorola, in this link tech-deals/2012-05-25-motorolas-history-lesson

Maybe technology and finance  is running so fast that even famous brands can disappear from the mind of customer in a short span. 
Almost everyone know that Motorola has been acquired recently by Google, so the story of the brand is not finished yet.

It would be great if you would add in the comment a list of brand names in danger of extinction....
I believe these stories teach a lot about dealings in businesses.

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