giovedì, settembre 13, 2012

successful post...

(App part 1)

This idea (taken from a website) shared on pinterest is really a success :

What is this ?
A concept idea, a self-printing machine from instagram photo. 
These are taken by Instagram app from your smartphone 
(Android/Apple) so maybe the data is taken from a card,such it happens
now with photo-booths machines or transfered via bluetooth,wi-fi.

I published on Pinterest and almost everyday since I had people liking, 
"re-pinning" this strange object. Like most of the people I am curious,
interested about popular engagement.
Why so many people like this idea ?
Please feel free to post about this idea . 

Here the list of apps with comments, 
you may also comment on.
(Ed ecco la lista di App con suggerimenti 
ai quali potete commentare) - part 1,

wonder-app-list (samunsung galaxy wonder).

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