giovedì, dicembre 20, 2012

PaperFoto nice among photoApps

This post will be devoted to taking photo with android-phone cameras, after having tested Instagram (app/web), Pinterest (web service), FastBurst Camera Lite,Color Splash FX, Pixlr-o-matic (very good indeed for photo manipolation),Screenshoot UX (needed for my device),
Picasa (web service),PicsArt, many scan apps (documents, barcodes, QR), leaving outside many other apps that use camera for social purpose; last one I have bought and installed is :

This is the italian version, but English and many other languages are available.
The success of this app is due to its simplicity, what you see is what you get and it's nice!
Using the "sketch-up" effect, it's possible to make a comic book from real photos taken with your camera phone,for instance.

Anyone could see that having hundreds of apps available on the market for the camera phone has
changed the simple use of camera, it is not an accessory anymore.

Now take a look :

self portrait front camera

this afternoon in the car getting back in town

one of my colleagues, great musician, "dot old print" effect

nearby railway station - 1

old printer
neon cola

Granny's paper
Gotham noir  (awesome!)
 Then others
Andy Pop

gotham noir


gotham noir, apt for the temp agency (any)

Post scriptum.
Enjoy the camera for these winter holidays and festival and if you like, this app. 
Never forgetting that after, it's time to come back to work, hopefully not for meg@azienda or 
another nasty big company that rent slaves for the production time, laying off the rest at the end of the cycle.

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