giovedì, novembre 01, 2012

Constructive ways, suggestions

I would like to use this post to collect, invite readers to  suggest ways to be creative, ways to overcome economic crisis. Blogging, social, should be used also for promoting positive ideas, not only complain, denounce.
I preach first to myself.

It 's just me or is the experience of every day, that new problems and devastating experiences, culminate in a complaint, cries, a final bottleneck?
Ideas and solutions to get out of it would be more useful, I do not want to sound positive at all times and in spite of difficulties, it does not belong to me. Collaboration on problems helps to achieve more than being one focused mind, for example, brainstorming.
Here some links, any suggestions is welcome, they will be added along these:

Practical suggestions for facing life

About genuine contacts


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